Sunny day, with a few clouds.

I survived the week. Again. Thank goodness. And I got paid on Friday. Even better! And I now have enough PTO to take a vacation in September. That is the best!

It is a sunny day today, though it is humid and slightly overcast. I think that sort of describes how I feel right now. Things seem to be going well, with everything, really. Though there is a dark cloud on the horizon.

My job is still there. No talk of firing me. The only counseling I got recently was for 4 attendance occurrences so far this year. Personally, I think that is pretty good, considering I went through at least 1 IUI, and one IVF cycle. I could have been out a lot more.

Things also seem to be going well with the pregnancy. I feel more confident about it every week. My next ultrasound is Monday, and I am really exited to get another look at the little one. I am more comfortable being open about being pregnant. Most people at work know that I am pregnant, so they watch out for me as much as possible. That is really nice. I rented a doppler so that Hubby and I could listen to the heartbeat whenever we want. That is probably one of the best things I did. It is very reassuring for us when we hear the baby’s heartbeat. Also, I finally broke down and went to a Mother.hood store. My shape is just getting too round. The salesperson in the store knew immediately that I needed clothes. It was obvious that I was pregnant, and I think my shirt fit funny. I discovered I love Mother.hood. Finally, maternity clothes which look nice, and I can wear out with my husband! I think I will be back there again as it gets cooler!

We finally started clearing out our basement! Hubby put up storage shelving, and I unpacked a few boxes. Well, I mainly unpacked my china. I like having it easily accessible, if I need it. It also motivated us to purge, some. I got rid of a few things. Though I really tried to purge before we moved. There is still more work to do down there, but at least we got started!

My computer is ready to be picked up, and I will likely pick it up on Monday. I am very excited to have my own computer back. No more computer sharing!

Our dogs are being really obnoxious right now. We suspect there is a female in heat somewhere in our neighborhood. Oscar has been very fixated on Gertrude. (Remember that Oscar is intact, and Gertrude has no girly parts, and has never gone into heat.) Oscar has been following Gertrude around and licking her rear end. He has also attempted to mount her, though not very forcefully. (Thank goodness for small favors!) Mostly he puts his head on her back and humps the air. Gertrude will snap at him if he gets on her nerves.

We tried putting vick’s vapor rub on his nose, but he just licks it off and goes back to pursuing Gertrude. I tried putting the vick’s on Gertrude, but that does not seem to curb the behavior, either. I hope it is passing. He did fine on our walk today, and is more willing to leave Gertrude alone. Keep fingers crossed that it will pass soon. I want our mellow boy back!

The only really dark cloud is my grandfather. He is now on a PCU (a monitored unit), not the med-surg floor he is usually admitted to. I suspect his liver and kidney issues are getting more serious. At the moment, I do not have a lot of info other than he is admitted to the PCU. And that does not sound good.

But at least I have a distraction tonight! My favorite band is at my favorite bar, and I am meeting a great friend. Should be a good evening! (Even if I cannot drink. Sigh.)


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  1. Lorza
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 19:32:34

    wooo hooo favorite bands in bars!! I hope you had a good time. I am glad that your job is still good- I got a written thing in my record b/c I had too many absences last year…when I was working full time hours (36-40 hours/week), and had too many call-ins. Since I am 'on call' or 'as needed' I can only miss ONE DAY A YEAR. I missed 4. So I got written up. Insane huh? I hope your grandfather is doing better. Good luck!


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