Vacation pics.

Finally uploaded our vacation pics. We are not avid photographers, so we so not have a whole lot of pics. But I am posting the best of what we have.

For most of the week, the beach looked similar to the pic below. Surfers were sort of enjoying it. The waves were not huge, but there was enough surf to actually surf. Most of the surfers at our beach were not that great. If they were up for a few seconds, it was pretty impressive. But at least they were having fun. Because the surf was what it was, I did not feel confident enough to go past the breakers and actually swim in the ocean. By the end of the week, I decided that it was all right. I am pregnant, and it is perfectly acceptable for me to be cautious. Most of the time, we just sat by the beach, with occasional trips to the water to cool off. The water felt really nice.

Because we were doing a lot of sitting by the beach, Hubby decided at one point to play with the camera. I have about 6-7 photos of this little bird. We never did decide what it was, and we were too lazy to actually look it up. (10 points to the first commenter to actually tell us what this bird is, and end our dispute.) The pic below is the best one of the bunch. Hubby actually shot some short video of the bird, but I cannot figure out how to get it off my Can.on Power.shot, and onto my Mac. (Any suggestions would be helpful.) We also tried to get a pic of a pelican bobbing in the water. Unfortunately, I now have a whole bunch of pics of random surf on my computer. (I opted not to post those pics.)

We were at the south end of Hatteras Island, and we were really close to the Ocracoke ferry. This was sort of fun, because we got to go to Ocracoke twice during the week. The first time was a quick trip, as we left late in the day, and everything was closing by the time we got there. The second time we went, we left earlier, and I got to poke around a little more. Hubby got hot and tired really easily, though. It was hot and crowded the second time we went, and Hubby has no patience for either condition. For that matter, I do not tolerate heat right now. So I guess it was not a bad thing. The pic below was taken on the ferry ride back from our second trip. The trip was on the Pamlico sound, and it is a nice trip.

And one more thing…
While on vacation, I found a great t-shirt! There was an ice cream shop called Happy Belly. Their logo has a budda-like figure holding an ice cone. I told Hubby that if we went there, I wanted a t-shirt. We finally got there toward the end of the week, and I got my t-shirt. One of my only disappointments was that the budda logo is not on the front. But it is still a great shirt. I had to get a 2X because they were out of XL. It is huge on me, even now. I think I will be able to use it as a sleep shirt after the pregnancy.

Now we are back home, surrounded by our cats and dogs. The beach is a nice place to visit, but I am not sure I really want to live there. I liked returning home and sleeping in my own bed. I have my 1 hour GTT tomorrow. Sigh. Hopefully it will go well. Keeping fingers crossed.


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  1. Lorza
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 18:17:02

    Awesome! I am glad you had fun! I want to see a picture of your shirt!!! 🙂


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