Baby blankets and a question.

When I was still pregnant, and doing some reading on baby care, I discovered that there were few resources for baby blankets in which one could actually swaddle a baby. Receiving blankets were too small, and fleece blankets too thick. So I went and bought some flannel and made some blankets, like the ones below….

As I was choosing fabric, I realized that there were few, if any masculine baby blankets. I chose the camo pattern for my Hubby. I also really liked the bright colors of the alligators. Most swaddling blankets I could find were white with rather cute designs. Most were too cute for boys, I thought.

Recently I went to a fabric store and got more fabric for baby blankets. I like them, they are fun, and our laundry cycle is slow. I needed more in order to get through that. They can get messy quickly! The fabric I bought was along the same lines as before…

More camo and hunting themed….

And more brightly colored fun flannel…

These blankets are big enough to swaddle my almost 14 pound 2 month old. They end up approximately 45 by 45. They are just square blankets, but they are big enough to wrap the last corner under the baby, making harder for them to get out of the swaddle. If you get really desperate, you could use a piece of tape to keep the one corner in place. Duct tape fixes everything, right?

I had a thought recently that I am surely not the only person to run into these problems. There must be other mothers who are in search of a decent sized swaddle blanket that does not overdose on the cute factor.

So here is my question: What do you all think? Is it worth trying to set up an e.tsy shop? I was thinking of pricing the blankets around $20 and including instructions with pics on how to swaddle a baby. The fabrics would be similar to what is shown above. I would also be willing to make blankets out of flannel or muslin provided by you for $12-15 per blanket.


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  1. ~Jess
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 00:08:46

    I say go for it!How much work do you have involved in one of them? If it's something that doesn't require a lot of time…it could be popular.Also, I must say that I LOVE how big your cutting mat is!


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