Feelin’ Groovy!

Just feeling sort of good lately. The cold which had descended on the house is finally starting to lift. Both the Little Dude and the Hubby are starting to feel better. Which means I am starting to feel better.

I also feel like I am getting a handle on this mother stuff. Of course, that means that change is in the air, so I should not get too comfortable. We suspect that Little Dude will crawl early. At four months, he is already sitting up fairly well (with only a small amount of assistance), and he can roll from back to front. He loves spending time on his belly. trying to crawl. In fact, if you put him on his back, he will roll over to his belly. This makes diaper changes interesting. I have a hunch that once he starts crawling. it will be all we can do to keep up. This boy wants to move!

I love the fact that the Little Dude is growing up so well, and it is so much fun letting him try new things. My mother and I took him into the pool today. The water was a little cool still, so I did not let him stay in very long. He was sort of fascinated by it, and not really sure what to make of the whole thing. I am sure that he eventually will come to love swimming. All kids love to swim. Thank goodness that I am a water baby, too. I m looking forward to going to the pool with him next summer.

This weekend we do not have much planned. We need to attend church on Sunday, and the house cleaner comes on Saturday, but that is about it. We are hopefully going to have a date night which lasts more than three hours. That is the hope, at any rate. We will see what happens. I would like some special time with just the two of us.


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  1. Jamie
    May 24, 2010 @ 12:36:00

    Just a warning – the diaper changes continue to get interesting. That is, if you consider wrestling an alligator interesting. Butt paste is optional these days.


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