I think I am going to make it…

I am beginning to feel like I will actually get to take a vacation.  OR job has fixed my schedule, so that I am not working next week.  I have someone covering my classes, and she has my notes.  I still have to get my test printed, but I can do that online.  And I may put it in to get printed after I finish this blog post.

Baby slept for about 12 hours last night.  (Except for a midnight feeding.)  He went to bed really early, too.  He was asleep by 7 PM tonight, like he was last night.  It plays havoc with our evening as Hubby does not get home until 5:30, and we have to deal with our dogs, and then fix dinner.  The past couple of nights Little Dude has gone to bed about the time we sat down to dinner.  It has not been too bad, as Hubby and I enjoyed dinner at our own pace, without the baby needing attention.  I do not want to get too used to this, because it will change as soon as I am dependent on that schedule.  Sigh.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow to watch the baby while I go get a drug test and blood draw for the new job.  Hopefully it will not take too long, as I have a few other errands to run as well.  It sounds like the new job is the right place for me to be.  I love how it is all working out.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kate
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 01:40:52

    I am so glad things are working out for you, and glad that you were able to get your schedule worked out so that you get to take your vacation– woohoo!And I can totally relate to not getting dependent on a particular schedule. As soon as I get used to one thing, the boys decide to change their minds! And my poor, feeble old brain can barely keep up– do they want to go to bed at 7? Eight? Sleep in the bassinet? On our bed? No idea… I have really had to start forcing myself to just take each night as it comes.


  2. ~Jess
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 01:01:12

    YAY for vacation! So glad that you're going to be able to get some much needed time away. The sleep thing is still hell for me…I always feel like whatever I'm doing is wrong….doesn't matter what it is.Enjoy your time off next week!


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