I need a vacation to recover from vacation.

I have to vent.  I think I just need to get this off my chest.

The last week was hard.  While it was fun being at the beach, and Alton loved it.  It was still hard.  My parents, my sister, Hubby, the baby, and I were all in the same house.  It only had three bedrooms, so Hubby and I had to share a room with the baby.  Which totally screwed up everyone’s sleep.  We were up at 5 or 6 AM every morning because the baby would not go back to sleep if we were in the same room with him.  Hubby and I came back and do not feel as refreshed as we would have liked. Or refreshed at all.

My parents did not really work with the nap schedule very well.  They just moved at a different pace than we needed to, because of the baby’s sleep schedule.  Hubby and I had no space away from the baby.  Hubby and I also had no space away from everyone else.  The trip there and back was really rough.  We got caught in traffic on the way back, and it took about 7 hours to get from Ocracoke to Gloucester.  It should have only taken about 4 hours.  It was not a fun trip.  And then the in-laws did not get a lot of time to visit with the baby because they did not get the nap schedule, either.

Why is it people do not get the importance of naps?

And then there was Hubby complaining about the lack of anything to do.  I did not get a lot of time at the beach between the baby, the hubby, and the family.  I went in the ocean only once, because that was the only opportunity.  I also had classwork to work on while I was there, so much of his nap time was spent working.  I had very little downtime. 

I think next year we will vacation on our own.  It may work out better for our little family.  If my parents want to participate in the vacation, they can get their own house.  We really need our own space, and we need more stuff than my parents do.  

Anyway, it is back to the grind.  At least the baby is sleeping fairly well now that we are home.  With the help of day care providers I think he is going to be back on his nap schedule by the end of the week.  At least that is something.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 15:03:06

    When we took our vacation, Skeeter was about 9 months old. In the beginning, some friends (without children) were planning on coming with us but they ended up not being able to. As much as I missed them, I was secretly glad because I wasn't sure how WE were going to handle vacationing with a baby, I certainly didn't want to subject anyone else to it.I have to admit, I didn't appreciate the nap until I had a baby of my own. Now I can't seem to make anyone else understand how important it is. I hope you and your family get to take a vacation just for you. Babies make you move at a whole new pace. Not a bad thing, just doesn't usually jive with the schedules of people who ~don't~ have babies.


  2. Rose's Daughter
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 19:30:01

    I know how you feel! When we wnet on vacation, I felt like I didn't really have a vacation. I still had to cook, I still had to watch to watch Pookah. I came home feeling….blah. I needed a vacation from my vacation. Me and C-Dub are going to have to get away by ourselves next year! Even if it's just for a weekend!


  3. ~Jess
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 01:10:13

    Naps are the necessity of life! Without them I think we'd lose our minds…I know the days that DD misses a nap are not good.Glad you guys survived your vacation! I think every vacation needs another vacation to recoup.


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