Doing better with the sleep.  Baby and I have been up fairly regularly, though.  Two of his four front teeth have broken through, and the other two look like they are on their way.  It also looks like we have the start of more teeth coming in.  Times are not fun around this house.  We were up every three hours last night.  Even with ibuprofen and ora-gel.  (I know, I am a bad parent for giving my child ora-gel, but sometimes you gotta do what works.)  Fortunately, everyone went right back to sleep after each waking.  So it was not too bad.  And night before last, he slept 6 hours at a stretch.  Someday I hope that will be a regular occurrence….

My last day at my old job is today.  Oh thank goodness!  I will miss all the people I work with, but the place just sucks your soul.  And so many people have left that I do not know half the staff anymore.  It is just not a nice place to work.  Also, the new job comes with a pay raise, and some benefits, which are really needed right now!  It will be so nice to have days and cases which go as scheduled.  Very excited about that.

I know what I am teaching next semester!  I am teaching Bio 101 again!  So excited, as it should be less work, as I did most of it this semester.  I may add some evolution stuff in to my lectures, as I found I cannot fit the extra chapters in.  This also means I need to change my tests a little, too.  But that is all right.  I think I can make it happen.  Also, the class and lecture are all on Tuesday and Thursday.  It means a longer day, but it is only two days a week.  Since I am only working OR two days a week, too, I get an extra day off.  That will be really nice!  Hoping that actually works out.

Oh, and just to make life more fun, AF decided to come early this cycle.  It has only been about 18 days since the last period.  I was actually expecting her next week or the week after.  I guess this is not so bad, as I should be done before the new job starts on Tuesday.  So there is a silver lining…


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  1. ~Jess
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 23:41:38

    That's great that you're doing the same subject again…hopefully you'll have some more down time these coming months


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