Making it.

We survived the Thanksgiving travel.  Still hate to travel with a 10 month old.  I have a feeling 11.5 months will not be much better.  I believe Hubby and I have decided that after our trip to MIL, 2011 will be the year of the stay-cation.  If we need a vacation from the vacation, it is just not worth it to us.  Eventually he will be easier to travel with, but it is not easy at the moment. 

There is only two weeks left in the semester, and I am almost done.  By the end of next week, I should have everything done except the grading.  I just wish I had the time to finish it now.  I feel like the end is so close!

I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done.  Most of it was done online.  I love the internets!  It makes life so much easier!

OR job is still going well.  I got to sign up for our benefits.  That felt really good!  They should kick in by February of next year.

Gertrude is having incontinence issues.  She is wetting where she sleeps, spilling protein in her urine, and losing weight.  (Despite trying to feed her more.)  Bloodwork was normal, and X-rays were inconclusive, though her chest is clear.  We discovered she has really bad arthritis in her back, so we got her a pain medication, which does make her more comfortable.  I need to make her an appointment with internal medicine at the vet school, but I have not had time to make the phone call.  By Wednesday, really.  I hope this is something easily medicated, and not something really bad.

I did not have time to make a phone call today because I was worried about the baby, and wanted to get his ears checked.  He has not been sleeping as well, pulling at his ears, and he has had a stuffy nose for almost a week.  Turned out not to be his ears, but the doc gave me an antibiotic for his stuffy nose. It was pretty bad.  It has been running like a faucet for a while now.  Hopefully the antibiotic will help clear it up.  Baby does have molars coming in, which could be responsible for all of the above symptoms.

Off to bed.  I have a busy day in outpatient surgery tomorrow!


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