Friday Whine

I just need a space to vent.  Feel free to skip this post…

I had a frustrating day today.

Here is what went wrong: 

  • Went to the zoo this morning, right as it opened.  It was too hot to truly enjoy it.  Even the animals looked miserable.
  • Got my replacement phone today, but could not activate it.  I tried several times.  (My current phone is having issues with the touch screen.)  I am going to take in to a store and have them activate it.  But I cannot do that until Monday.
  • Tried to go to the pool, but it was closed when I got there.  Apparently they had to clean up an “accident.”  I did run, since I was there.  But the pool would have been heavenly!  I was really disappointed.
  • As we were shuttling cars around this evening, I tried to convince Hubby to go by Chick.fillet to let Little Guy check out in their play area.  But Hubby had a wardrobe malfunction on our way there, so that did not work out, either.

It was not all bad.  Baby did get a nap, and Hubby got home early.  We successfully dropped Hubby’s car off to get it inspected.  I even got a summer camp post done.

It just felt like more went wrong today than right.  All the important stuff got done, but I did not get to do any of the fun things which help me get through the day with an active toddler.

Thank goodness tonight is pizza night.  I may have an extra glass of wine, too.


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