I think this fall I am going to look at priorities and only spend time on those things which are good for me.

I really want to try to make myself a priority.  Both physically and spiritually.
I plan to try to continue with my running goals.  I will really try to run three times a week.  It should be do-able, as I am at the gym twice a week for swim lessons, and I can get there at least once on the weekend.  I may also try to swim once a week, too.  That feels good.  I may also train with other mothers in my mother’s group for a 5k run on Thanksgiving.  Hopefully that will keep me motivated.

I also want to get back to church.  Get religion back.  I have sort of missed being involved in church stuff. And my weeks go a little better when I go to church.  There is a Sunday school class I am interested in attending.  They have nursery during Sunday school, so it could work.  It would mean switching the day I do my grocery shopping, though.  I may try to do it Tuesday.  My mother has volunteered to watch him while I grocery shop, when she is in town.  When she is not in town, I can use the carrier and go early-ish in the morning.

I also want to stay involved in my mother’s group.  Which means dropping some activities for Little Guy.  Like story time, which was a fail.  He is way too physical at this point.  He was into everything except the story.  Sigh.  So I am not doing it any more, which allows me to do more things with my mother’s group.  That will be good for me, as it gives me a support system.  And better for Little Guy, as we can do more active stuff.

I know there was something else I wanted to write about, but the baby woke up from his nap when the dog barked at nothing.  Baby has been crying off and on for the past half hour as I wrote this blog post.  He really needs more sleep, but I do not think it is going to happen.  Stupid dog, ruining a good nap time.  It was awful putting him down this afternoon, and now he will be tired because his nap was too short.  Mommy is not happy.  Off to get him up…


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  1. ~Jess
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 13:17:32

    Our dogs do the same thing: I get very mad at them!Sounds like you have a good, solid list of goals to prioritize.


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