Things I have learned this week…

  • Yeast and microwaves do not mix.  Not even to heat up water.  Yeah, I have a degree in microbiology and still could not figure this one out.
  • I am still an OR nurse.  I got to work in OR the last couple of days I worked.  Much happier.  Patient care is over rated.
  • It really hurts when a Pyrex measuring cup is slammed on the tip of your big toe by a certain toddler.
  • Having that toe stepped on repeatedly by a 170 pound Great Dane and said toddler does not feel good, either.
  • I can actually run over a mile.  I ran 1.5 miles for the last several runs.  That does not include the half mile I walked on either end.  And it actually felt pretty good!
  • I can sign up for a 5K.  I did sign up to run the Drumstick Dash.  I hope that the t-shirt is really cool.  We do get a t-shirt right?
  • I have not been listening to my body, and that is part of why I am eating too much.  Lately I have just kept eating, even when I was full.  That is not good.
  • I have not been drinking near enough water.  Really need to do better with that.

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