What a Day!

I am so glad it is over!

Little guy woke up at 5 AM this morning.  This is beginning to become a regular thing, and I am not happy about it!   He was his usual crazy, rambunctious self all morning.

We visited my mother, and she let me run to the store without the baby.  Just a little treat in my day.  After we got back from that visit Little Guy went down for a nap.  He actually went down fairly easily.  Which actually surprised me!

But he only slept for an hour and a half.

Really?  That is all the nap you are going to take?

Then I got a call from work.  Apparently they do not have enough cases to have me actually work.  But they still want to keep my position so they are not going to actually let me go.  Weird, but all right.  This means we get to keep our benefits through my job, even though we have to pay for it.  Still less than Cobra, so I am not complaining.

To be honest, I am not that surprised.  They keep calling people off, and making people leave early.  it is a better situation than I expected.  They could have let me go.  And I guess they still could.

But I think it is time to start looking for another job, though.  It may not be so bad.  But we will see.  I hate job hunting.  It really sucks, and there are so few places for an RN to look.  There are only two hospital systems in this area.  If you work in healthcare and want to work in a hospital, you have to be with one or the other.  Sigh.  Seriously limits my options.

At least I got to run with my mother’s group today.  I ran 2.75 miles!  I think I may be able to do the 5 K!


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  1. Blanche
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 02:00:23

    5 AM? Ouch!!! And just in time for the time change too. Awful.

    My Little One’s been moving back from 7 so I feel you on that, I just wish I could get her naps to be an hour and a half….aren’t we greedy to want more time to ourselves! 🙂


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