Touchy Feely Tuesday: On a Wednesday this week.

Because I cannot seem to get it together.

I cannot seem to get into the Christmas spirit, either.  I think I would like to get the tree up this weekend, but I am sure Hubby will come up with some excuse about why we should wait.  I would also need to get our Christmas decorations out of storage.  I also have done nothing with Christmas presents because by the time I get done with house chores, I need a break, and then the baby wakes up again.  A vicious cycle.

Child has figured out how to get out of his crib.  Now we do not have to go in to get him when he wakes up in the morning, because he will come out to us.  On the flip side, it is almost impossible to get him to hang out in his crib so that he can get to sleep on his own.  Yet another thing to deal with.  I think we are going to change to the toddler bed this weekend.

Child has an insane amount of energy.  I have finally finished picking up toys that I know I have picked up at least once today.  I also had to reset a clock and alarm because Little Guy disconnected it yet again.  Hubby had the suggestion that I take him out for an afternoon outing.  It is all fine and good to take Little Guy on an outing in the afternoon.  But if it means a tantrum in order to get dressed, I think I will pass.  Of course by the time Little Guy wakes up from his nap, and is ready to go anywhere, it is almost dinner.  Besides, it was damn cold today.  And it is still going to wear me out.

Hubby and I have been sniping at each other recently.  Does not help that it feels like we hardly see each other.  By the time Little Guy goes to bed, we are exhausted and very hungry.  I am thinking it may be time to move to a family at an earlier time.  Difficult because Hubby often does not get home until around 6.  And meals with a needy and active toddler can be a challenge.  But it could work, as I think Little Guy could do a later dinner.

I am totally not a stay at home mom.  I think I am going to go a little crazy.  I have not been able to make any of my  mother’s group outings recently, partially because I wanted to avoid the mall Christmas stuff, especially the mall santa.  I am going to a Christmas party with my mother’s group, and I have been running with them.  We are planning on doing another 5K next week.

And proof that I have officially lost my mind, I am debating training for a 10K to run in March.  I suspect it sounds worse than it is, as I am already halfway there. It is only about 3 miles more.  The thing which really makes it nuts is that we see the RE in January for an FET consult.  I cannot believe that I am going to be training for a 10K, and heading into fertility treatments.  It just seems nuts.

And just to make things more fun, AF decided to show up.  Truly, I just want a break.

Off to get my wine.  I earned it today!


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