Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, or Happy Kwaanza, or Happy Whatever You Celebrate!

This was a very low-key Christmas over here.  Money was tight, so presents focused on Little Guy and Christmas dinner.

Little Guy got fire trucks and tractors this year.  Along with an exercise trampoline.  We have already gotten a lot of bouncing out of the trampoline.  I suspect that will be worth its weight in gold.  It will hopefully be a good way to get rid of extra energy.  Child loves to bounce.

My mother got us all nerf guns for Christmas, and my gun nut of a Hubby is already looking at accessories for the thing.  They were really for Little Guy, who was fascinated by it for a while.  But it did not have wheels, so it could only hold his attention for so long.  I suspect that he will grow into it, though.  All boys seem to go through a gun phase.  I am just letting it happen, and letting gun hobbyist Hubby take the lead on gun education.  (Of course that is something I should probably let Hubby know…)

Christmas Dinner consisted of duck, oyster dressing, made from scratch biscuits, stuffed mushrooms, collard greens, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Duck went over really well.  It is really delicious!  And we got to use all the duck fat in other dishes, like the dressing and the gravy.  So everything was very rich.  I am thinking we will do duck again next year.

I got a bottle of sauvingnon blanc to go with dinner, and it worked really well.  We used some of it to cook with, and the est we drank.  I suspect I drank half of it myself.  It was nice to have with dinner and while relaxing after dinner.

I am a little sad that I am going to take the Christmas tree down soon.  We are getting our carpets cleaned on Tuesday, and the carpets will be cleaner without the Christmas tree in the way.  I think it is the shortest Christmas tree ever for us.  I think we have only had it up a week and a half.  But I think the clean carpet takes priority.

We really need our carpets cleaned, especially with all the vomiting we had right before Christmas.  Little Guy came down with an ear infection right before Christmas.  The night before we took him in to the doctor, he was up most of the night and he vomited twice, all over the carpet.  The only interesting thing about the entire experience was that he was able to tell us what hurt.  Sure enough, the ear he indicated was infected.

I bought myself a subscription to Runner’s World as a Christmas Present for myself this year.  I like reading it, and it keeps me motivated to run.  I am also probably going to sign up for the Roanoke 100 Miler, where you run 100 miles in 100 days.  I think I can do that.  I am also considering a trail run 5K in early March, and then a road race 5K in April.

It has been strange having a non-consumer Christmas.  I did not go to the mall at all, and made almost all gifts.  I even made a dinosaur for little guy.  (And he loves it!)  I think it is easier buying things, but the things I made were made with love.  I think it is closer to the spirit of the season.  But I resented having the time taken away from me in order to get the Christmas stuff done.  With a toddler underfoot, I have so little time for myself that any time I need to use for other things do not make me happy.  And I only had nap time to do anything for Christmas.  It was really frustrating.

But Christmas is over now, so hopefully we can get back to some semblance of routine.

Now back to my eggnog…..

Hope your week is full of rest and recovery!


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  1. Blanche
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 04:04:25

    Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year to you!

    Little One passed her cold to her daddy, so he spent the weekend coughing and snotty, and our big meal was on the Eve, so the Day felt in some ways just like any other day, despite the chaos of presents and visiting in-laws.

    LO’s present to me was celebrating the start of the 18 month sleep regression by completely changing her nap schedule. Fingers crossed that once Daddy goes back to work and we’re back to normal weekly activities she’ll settle back down (it may only be 50 minutes, but I NEED them!).


    • vablondie
      Dec 28, 2011 @ 12:50:45

      So sorry every one was sick over Christmas! It is tough to feel yucky over the holidays. The 18 month sleep regression is really hard. I eventually found that if I kept Little Guy busy in the morning, he would go down a whole lot easier for an afternoon nap. I really mourned the loss of the morning nap, but it actually made it easier to get out in the mornings. It opened up a whole lot of opportunities for us.


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