New Year.

Waiting for baby to go to sleep.  And he really, really needs a nap, as he is sick.  Lovely way to start the new year, with a cold I will inevitably get.  And a nap refusal day to boot.  Fun times over here.  Apparently I need a new attitude for the new year.

I know that I bitch a lot about parenting frustrations on here, but I really love my child.  I try very hard to find the balance between exploring and safety.  And it is difficult, because he really wants to be off on his own.  I think he knows he is loved too, because he is very active and very confident.  I love seeing my child develop as a person.  It is fascinating.

I plan on continuing to run this year.  It really helps my stress levels.  I signed up for our local 1oo miles in 100 days challenge.  That should keep me running through the winter.  I also need to run more hills.  I want to run in my neighborhood at least once a week.  I probably ought to set a time for this, so that Hubby knows when I am doing this.  Say every Saturday afternoon after nap time.  I cannot go during naptime because Hubby and I spend time together during nap time. 😉

There are also the tired old resolutions of I need to eat better, and I need to drink more water.  I need to do both of these, but I am not going to resolve to do them because I will probably fail, and who needs that?  I really do need to figure out how to eat with our current meal schedule, which is a little funky.

And then there is the big one:  family building.  I have an appointment with the Wizard (my RE) a week from Monday.  It is hard to believe that it is so soon!  I am nervous and excited.  It is only a consult for an FET, but it will get the ball rolling.  I hope that it is easy, but I really hate to get my hopes up.

I think I have a lot going in the new year!

I think last year was about finding my feet, and this year will be about learning to walk and moving forward!


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