Trying a few new things.

Nothing major, but hopefully these will help me.

Basic biology and thermodynamics indicate that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more.  I think I have the exercise more part down, now I need to eat less.

I really, really need to eat less.  I think that part of the problem for me is that it is difficult sometimes to feed the child and not eat anything yourself.

I am going to give up the pretense that I will eat lunch after my child does.  I need to be honest with myself and admit that I am hungry, too.  And if I am hungry, I should eat lunch.  I decided to try having a mug of soup and a piece of fruit as lunch.  Again, I need to be honest with myself and realize that I will not get a lot of time to sit and enjoy lunch so I need something I can eat and carry with me.  I tried it today, and it worked pretty well.  I got some organic boxed soup, and heated it up in a coffee mug.  Today I had creamy tomato soup and an orange.  (I have been craving oranges something fierce lately.  Maybe my immune system is trying to tell me something!)

Also, I need to feed myself a snack when I feed Little Guy his dinner.  It is the same problem.  I am hungry when I am getting ready to feed him, so I eat off of his plate.  I need to feed myself!  I will probably go back to carrots and hummus at his dinner.  That worked well for me.  I have the hummus out anyway.

One other thing I need to work on is getting more water!  This is a constant struggle for me, and I really need to just do it!  Child will actually let me drink water, especially if he has water himself.  So I just need to do it!

Overall, I need to listen to my body more.  I generally feel better when I eat better.  I really need to put in the effort.  Small changes seem a little more do-able to me, too.



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  1. Jessica
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 22:12:42

    I think the eating while the kids eat and portion control are the hardest things to do. I know I struggle with my portion siZes and snacking habits. Good luck with the changes!


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