And now I really do not want to go anywhere.

I suspect we have a sick baby. I was up three times last night, and he vomited twice. We are taking him to the pediatrician today. Hopefully we can get an earlier appointment this morning and not leave too late. Or we may have to cancel because of sick baby. I do not think I will be that disappointed.

It makes it hard because I am tired, and child is tired. On one hand, I really want to get this first trip over with. We blocked off for this trip for months. It is difficult for us to arrange time off. We really ought to go. On the other hand, things do not seem to be working out for us to go. At least that is the way it appears right now. I am not sure we are up to traveling with a sick child.

If it is just a cold, we may go. But considering he vomited twice last night, I think there is more than a cold. Maybe an ear or sinus infection.

Sigh. I suspect we will not be leaving until after dinner. If we leave at all.


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