Home again.

Finally home again. Yesterday was a very long day, and I feel like I have not had a chance to process everything.

My parents met us in Richmond and watched the Little Guy while we were at the RE.  The RE appointment took way longer than we expected.  He had a full day and he was running behind.  He did a full exam on me, then he stayed to do a saline sonohysterogram.

He said that things look good with the girly parts, though I appear to be having a short cycle.  But I need to lose weight, preferably get under 200 pounds.  He would feel more comfortable doing FET if I weighed less.  I also need to stop breastfeeding.  We also discussed how many to transfer.  Hubby really, really does not want twins.  I can understand that.  The closest guarantee to a singleton is to transfer one embryo.  This means that I may have to do this more than once.

I have mixed feeling about things right now.

I hate that things come back to weight.  At the moment I sort of feel defeated by my weight.  Being overweight seems to be holding me back in some ways.  I know this is something I can change, and something I have done before.  It is a lot of work, and I think I need to think about things differently with toddler in tow.  Things that worked before may not be possible with a toddler. I may need to do more of a post on this.

I am a little upset about weaning.  But I think I am more upset about it than he is.  It is time, and I think he is ready.  We talked this morning about how little boys do not nurse, they cuddle.  And I told him he could ask for cuddles anytime he wanted.  He seems to be doing all right with it.  I even put him down for a nap today without nursing.  I suspect that he will be weaned fairly easily.  But it means he is growing up.  And we will not have that special time anymore.  It breaks my heart.

All of this means that we should wait several months before attempting FET.  I hate waiting, but it will be better health-wise, which will make Hubby more comfortable with everything.  And I have a goal for my weight loss.

I also have mixed feelings about transferring only one.  I would prefer to transfer two, but I would rather avoid even the chance of a twin pregnancy.  Because I do not think I could reduce.  There are too many health problems associated with twin pregnancies, and I am behind the eight ball, anyway.  Hubby is already nervous about me being pregnant a second time.  The first time was bad enough.  Transferring one embryo may mean more work, but it is better for me and the possible child in the long run.

The nice thing is that we can start the FET cycle anytime we want.  All we have to do is call with my period and we can do the transfer that cycle.  So we can try for a certain birth month.  We do not have to have another January or October birthday, which seems to be when most birthdays in our families occur.  If we wait until June or July, we can try for an April baby.  It would be nice to have a child born in my birth month.

Other advantages to waiting until summer:

  • Little Guy will be older, and we may get the chance to get him potty trained before second child arrives.
  • I will have more time to lose weight.
  • We could try to move into a larger house closer to Hubby’s work.
  • If we moved during this time, I could get a support system in the new location prior to second child’s birth.  (Or even prior to conception.)

So the plan is :  Lose weight, wait at least 6 months, transfer only one embryo.

At least I have a plan.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 00:11:25

    YAY for a plan! Sounds like the weaning is going to be relatively easy, at least for your little guy.


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