I could really use a break.


Here was my plan for the day:  Visit with my mother, leaving Little Guy with her so that I could run to the store; Back here for lunch and nap;  clean up and dinner prep during nap time; Hoping Hubby comes home early for a small birthday celebration with Little Guy.  (It is Little Guy’s Birthday today!  He is two!)  Somewhere in there, apply for a couple of jobs.

That is a busy enough day, right?

Well, here is what really happened…

Child wakes up at 5:30 AM.  I guess because it is his birthday.  I put him back to bed for a half hour, but he never goes back to sleep.  So I get up, anyway.  Hubby spends time with Little Guy while I eat and bathe.  Oh, yeah, I feed the dogs, too.

Hubby tries to leave about 8 AM, but discovers his car will not start.  This is a major problem because our third car has really bad brakes.  Hubby will not let anyone drive the jeep because of this.  So I have to call a tow truck to get his car to the shop, and I have to borrow a car.  This involves my mother driving over and picking me up, and then me driving back with her car.

Tow truck comes around 930 AM.  Little Guy loves it.  He is fascinated by seeing one in real life.  He has to sit and watch it work.

My mother is having a similar morning to mine, so she does not even get there until almost 1000 AM.  At this point, I do not even care any more.  Nothing I wanted to do today is likely to get done.

On the way over to their house, we decide to have an imprompu party for Little Guy.  So we make two stops:  one for food, and one for balloons and party plates.  The original thought was to have the party at dinner, but my father remembered a previous commitment they had that evening.  So no dinner party.  I bring the stuff home and we may use it tonight as Little Guy’s dinner.

On the way home from my parent’s house, Little Guy falls asleep.  Lovely.  We are now in the process of playing in our crib instead of napping.  I hate that when that happens.  I have no idea why that makes me so angry, but it really does.  (Oh blessed silence!  I think he just fell asleep.)

And tonight, someone is going to have to pick up the car.  I am hoping that Hubby will take the jeep and drop it off when he goes to pick up his car.  I am a disappointed because I wanted to something with Hubby to celebrate Little Guy’s birthday.  Does not look like it will happen today.

It is not even 2 PM and every time I try to get my needs met, I get blocked.  I give up.  And Hubby wonders why I do not take more time for myself…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Searching for Serenity
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 20:37:39

    Happy Big 2 to Little Guy!

    I hope the celebration helps dissolve the chaos of your day.


  2. Jamie
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 03:42:23

    Happy birthday, Little Guy!!

    I hate those days – when you have a plan to get a lot done (or even just a handful of simple errands) and it all gets tossed in one thing gone wrong after another. I think we should get an allotted number of “do overs” every month.

    I hope tomorrow is an easier day 🙂


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