Hanging on

Today is a low day.  Child is not feeling good, so I was up much of the night.  It is rainy, wet, and dreary today.  I have not run, yet today.

Energy is very low.  Hoping child takes a long nap so that I can get some rest.

I plan on going to running group this evening.  Hoping things feel better after the run.  They usually do.

Running is how I am hanging on and functioning.  Though I still feel like I am forcing myself to get through the day.  (Definitely forcing myself to go work out!)

I have heard with antidepressants that things sometimes get worse before it gets better.  Hoping this is the darkest it gets.  I have one more day of lower dose well.butrin, then I go up to my regular dose.

Therapist recommended not doing any major life decision making until the medication kicks in and gets to therapeutic levels.  Makes sense, and it is one less thing for me to deal with.  Though finances are low right now, and that is stressing everyone out.

Off to lie down and rest while I can.  Things will be better after a run later.


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