It is a better day.   Gastritis is gone, though it has now passed to Hubby, who is pretty miserable.  Hoping he feels better later tonight.  I am back to the fog of depression, which I was able to clear slightly by a 2 mile run at the gym this morning.  (At about a 12:15 pace.  I probably really ought to run longer, but I wanted to get back home.)

I have decided to cut calories from my diet.  I am not losing any weight at my current calorie goal on myfitnesspal, so I am cutting some out.  Hopefully that will get me going again.  I have to do something.  I feel like I am losing the same five pounds over and over.  Not fun.

Little Guy enjoyed the snow we had the weekend.  We took him out to play in it for a while this morning, and he really enjoyed it.  Of course it is all starting to melt now, and will likely be gone by tomorrow.  But we can enjoy it while it lasts.

Back to work tomorrow, then see my counselor on Wednesday.  May go house hunting on Friday.  If Hubby’s schedule allows.


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