There is always one, isn’t there?

I was at my Mother’s group business meeting this morning, and there was a member there who vary rudely interrupted the meeting trying to bring up business, (which was already sort of on the agenda) and then argue about it.  The president was willing to talk about it after the meeting (which was an appropriate time to discuss it), but the person stomped off immediately after the meeting.  (This person also could have mentioned it to the president before the meeting instead of interrupting the meeting, but apparently wanted the attention instead.)  And during the meeting, she checked her email and flipped through her planner the entire time.

This particular person loves to complain, but does not want to do anything about it.  Because she “has already done her time on the board.”  For example: she complains that the babysitting co-op she set up is not being used, even though she did not use it herself.  (It is not being used because no one has any interest in it, despite announcements in the meeting and in the newsletter.)

I suspect the biggest problem is that the group is different than when she was president on the board.  It is a different group of people with different priorities.  She has older children (both are in school), and most of the moms involved in the group have children under three.  I think she just cannot let go.  She does not make  many overtures to newer members, and does not seem to want to get involved in group activities at all.  She wants to stay with her clique.

The disruption gave me a bad taste in my mouth about the meeting.  Though the speaker talked about love and logic parenting, I could not focus on the first part of the talk because I was so mad at what that person did.  (Though, I think I need to get a Love and Logic parenting book.  It seems like a great way to parent.)

I just had to get this off my chest.

BTW, I am doing better.  I am sleeping better, and generally feeling better.  Though AF made her appearance today.  I am going to chill on the couch for a bit and let my ibuprofen kick in before doing much else.  Maybe I will just chill the rest of nap time.  Clothes can be folded later.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merlot
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 22:58:36

    I do Love and Logic parenting. The hardest part for me is talking less and phrasing things well.


    • vablondie
      Mar 21, 2012 @ 23:07:17

      Thanks for the comment. I really need to read more about it. I am beginning to realize that when Little Dude is in a tantrum, I just cannot talk to him, and it is really not a good time for me to talk to him anyway. Problem is, he will not stay in his room, so I cannot get the decompress time and I get more upset. It is bad enough that I am considering putting a hook on his door so that I can keep him in his room until his tantrum is over.


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