Yet another early morning post

But only because of child.

Child will not go back to sleep.  I hate it.  I finally ran out of patience at 2:30 AM and yelled at him because I was so frustrated.  I spent an hour at bedtime getting him to sleep, and then woke up at 1:30, when he probably stayed awake.

Child is stripping his clothes off, playing with everything, and generally doing anything he can to stay awake.

I wanted to leave him in his room by himself, no matter what he did, but Hubby opened the door and is in there now.  I am over it, and now I am awake and very pissed off.  I suspect if child was left alone he would eventually go back to sleep.

Just go to sleep, already!

Not to mention, my period started today.  That probably does not help my disposition.

But the sleep deprivation is not going to make things easier.  Now I am going to be grumpy and irritable all day tomorrow.


Edit:  Child never did get back to sleep, so everyone was up all night long.  Momma is really not happy right now.


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  1. Blanche
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 13:35:40

    Ohhh. Those nights/mornings are horrible! I posted on Facebook yesterday that there needs to be a follow up to the “Go the F*ck to Sleep” book titled “Go the F*ck BACK to Sleep.”

    I made the mistake of giving in and going in at 4:45 yesterday AM. This was apparently the signal that she could be up for the day and not the soothing visit it seemed like it should be to my sleep-hazed brain. She crashed at 10:30 in the car with my parents who DELIBERATELY WOKE HER UP 15-20 minutes later to go visit with my grandmother instead of trying to transfer her to my grandmother’s bed for a longer nap. Of course, they weren’t the ones who had to deal with the fall-out in the afternoon from a tired toddler. 😦

    You are so not alone.


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