Night time battles.

The past few days it has been a bitch to get child to sleep.  I suspect I know what is going on, but it is still frustrating.

It is taking close to an hour to get child to sleep.  And I always have to be involved for most of it.  I am starting to resent all the time I have to spend just getting the child to get to sleep.  It feels like big chunks of my day, and everything has to stop in order to get him to sleep.

I am sort of tearing my hair out because there just does not seem to be a good solution.  It is an effort just to get Little Dude to stay in the bed, much less go to sleep.  Before we take him off to bed at night, we generally watch the Good.Night Show Sleep.a.thon which generally calms him down some.  The nursery is dark, we have white noise, and  Hubby or I stay with him until he goes to sleep.  Stories only get him more excited, lullabies only work when he is already on the way to sleep anyway.  We have to stop switching parents when he requests it because he asks for it every few minutes, so that is stimulating, too.  I also suspect that he is more of a tension increaser at night, so leaving him to cry it out by himself does not usually work.

I suspect I know why this is happening.  We are having work done on our house to get it ready to put on the market.  I have also started moving furniture and toys around to start staging our house.  So basically our house is a mess, and everything is in transition.  This is stressful on everyone.

So far, I have not changed much of anything in his nursery, and I do not plan to change much.  I have moved his toys, but only while he was there and could “help.”  He has met our contractors and we always look to see what they have done if he has been gone all day.  I have not changed his schedule, other than an extra day or two at day care.  We are still going to mother’s group activities, and we still go to running group.  I am not sure what else I can do.

Anyone have any thoughts on decreasing our night time battles?  It took about an hour to get him to sleep tonight again, and that is starting to be the norm.

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  1. Kristin
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 01:10:54

    Just a thought…have you tried liquid Melatonin? You can get it at the health food store. It is completely safe and natural and non-habit forming. We give it to Emma on nights when she can’t seem to calm down. One doctor told me it was even safe for every day use. It usually puts Emma out within 20 minutes or so.


    • vablondie
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 12:12:49

      I have not tried melatonin. We usually do zyrtec, which usually helps get him to sleep, though I think we forgot it last night. We need to do better with that, especially when we get home late.


  2. geochick
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 18:33:04

    Ugh, that’s frustrating! We had a month like that and ended up tweaking bedtime. Now Baby X goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 (early!) And that helped alot. It took a little while to get him to the point where he would fall asleep on his own in the crib. We would do the usual bedtime routine earlier, put him down before he was asleep and let him cry for max 20 minutes before going into the room and trying to calm him down without taking him out of the crib. If that didn’t work then we took him out and rocked him until he calmed down, put him down in the crib and sometimes the cycle would start again. Eventually he started going to sleep without a fuss but I think it took almost a couple weeks. Good luck!


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