The double edged sword.


Strikes again.

Here I am hoping that this OR job will work out, but also knowing that there is a good possibility that it will not.

I go in tomorrow to observe in the applied-for job’s OR.  I hope it will help.  If nothing else, it will give me some face time and I can talk to some of the employees.  It will be interesting to see how they do things.

I did apply for another job this weekend.  I just cannot afford to feel like this OR job is a guarantee.  I have been on several other interviews, none of which worked out.  Of course they were for floor positions, not OR.

I really really want this OR job.  It just seems perfect for what I want right now.  I am trying to believe that I will end up where I need to be, I just need to have faith.

But faith does not always win against depression.  There is a part of my brain which says that this job is not likely to work out, just like all the other jobs I interviewed for.  I am going up against a lot of other people, as OR jobs at this hospital do not come open all that often.

I know that I have advantages, though.  I have between 4-5 years of OR experience, in a lot of different settings, doing a lot of different procedures.  My orientation should be fairly short, given my experience.  (Maybe 2-3 months?  4 months if I really am an idiot.)  My specialty is gyno, which very few people want to do.  I want to work 10-12 hour shifts.  I understand what 24 hour call means.  I can scrub cases, and circulate.  I have experience with robotic surgery (as they are thinking of getting a robot), and EMR (including the EMR that hospital uses.)

I also miss laparoscopic cases, I am bored at my ambulatory surgery center, I am a hard worker, I am fairly easy to get along with.  I generally love being a OR nurse.  And I like to think I am good at what I do.

What’s not to like about me, right?  I should be a good candidate for this job.  It really seems like a good fit. I have what they are looking for, and they have what I am looking for.

But I am not believing it will happen until I get the actual job offer.  Of course, I will be very disappointed if I do not get the job.

We will see what it is like tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a good fit.

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  1. Jamie
    May 22, 2012 @ 01:25:27

    Good luck! Go in, be yourself and be confident. It will be obvious to them why YOU should be a part of their team.

    Hoping, praying and wishing for you!!


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