I think it is interesting what I am reading right now.

I am in the middle of Passing for Thin.  Oh, I love this book.  This is maybe the third time I have read it.  It so inspires me to get off my butt and do something about losing weight.  Losing weight is very much about what you eat, and this is something I constantly struggle with.

I am trying some changes in how I eat.  Through myfitnesspal, I can modify my carb, protein, and fat goals.  I decided to make use of this, to try to get me eating better.  I am doing 30% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 40% fat.  (I think the typical weight loss diet has about 45% carb, 30% protein, and 25% fat.  That does not work for me, I am always hungry on that type of diet.)   I have been doing this a couple of days, and I realize that I eat too many carbs!  I am usually over my carbohydrate goal, and not making my protein goal.  I think I see beef jerky in my future…

I also have been looking at Run Like a Mother.  Written by two mothers who have completed marathons.  I think it is a book I need to take another look at.  I seem to be a runner, and need to find time to do it more often, and in more places!  I love running, and I love doing it outside when I can.  It makes me feel good, and it is something I want to continue doing.  I have a sinking suspicion I may have to get up early and run.  But probably not on the days I work, as I am up at 5 am those days anyway.  I have resisted for a while now, but I think I may have to give in and do it.  It seems to be the best time to go.

I found it interesting that I was drawn to these books, and thought I would share.  They are not the typical weight loss and exercise books, but they speak to me.  Hopefully they will give me the inspiration to get moving and lose some weight!


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  1. Jamie
    May 29, 2012 @ 01:19:05

    Those both sound like great books – thanks for the recommendations!


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