It is that time again, I can feel it.

That time of the month, I mean.

I am crabby, low on patience, and generally irritable.

Not that I have any stress, right? I am putting in my resignation tomorrow, we hopefully will have a close date by the end of the week, and we are (finally) interviewing child care providers on Friday.  (We had to put off the original times thanks to illness.)  I also have an employee health appointment for my next job next week.  Not much going on, at all.

I am hoping that things will feel better once AF makes her appearance.  Maybe I should start taking mi.dol now.

It may make my crappy job better.  Because it is going to be a busy day tomorrow, and I just know that I am going to be stuck doing discharges.  Because they do not need to use my specialized OR skill set, as they have enough circulators.  (Of course I am not bitter!)  I just need to keep repeating to myself, “I only have three weeks left…”


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