It must be the stress.

I think it is getting to me.

I realized yesterday that I have not had a period since the beginning of May.  (Well, April 28 if going by my blog posts.)  It is now almost the end of June.  I am putting to down to stress, because I am fairly sure that there is no way in hell I am pregnant.  (I did not even want to type that word!)  I have not POAS yet, and I probably will not until after the beginning of July.  That gives AF a little more time to show up before I get the inevitable negative pee stick.  So my body just needs to get it in gear and have a damn period!  Things feel better after my period starts.  Maybe I should start taking mid.ol now.  That should help, right?

Child had a nap refusal today.  I really hate nap refusal days.  At least today Hubby is home, and can spend time with Little Guy.  If this were during the week, I would have to do it.  So that is something.  And he will likely go to bed early tonight.  Nap refusal days just make me nuts.

I only have three more days at my current job!  Two days this week, and one day next week.  Then I get a week and a half off before starting the new job.  Fingers crossed that we can move while I am off.  I also have my employee health appointment this Wednesday.  I think it will start to feel real, then!

Still waiting on a close date for the house.  We did find a child care provider for our child.  (Now we need to sign her contract and make it official…)  New job is lined up and coming together.  Still on antidepressants, and still trying to get out and run when I can.

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