Today was really busy, and I got no packing done today!  Decided to give my self a day off to get chores done.

I had my last Roanoke counselor appointment in the morning.  I am going to miss her.  I was a little sad to leave the session.  I am glad I went though.  It was good to talk about what all was going on.  And there is a lot going on.

During nap time I got some chores done, cleaned the kitchen,  and rested for a bit.

It was a short nap, so we went to the storage unit to take a pic for the moving company.  Then we went to the gym to play and run.

Then we came home and ate dinner.  Amazingly, with a minimum of fuss.  I was very impressed with Little Dude.  And then Hubby got home earlier than expected.  Every one was happy about that!

I also organized our Saturday.  We are going to see Discover the Dinosaurs.  I am pretty excited about it, biology geek that I am.  We are going with the child’s godmother, and that should be a lot of fun.

Saturday night we are going to see our favorite band at our favorite bar.  So exciting! And our last blow out before we move.  It is hard to believe that everything is happening so quickly!

There is a lot more going on this week for me….

Tomorrow we do a trial run with our new day care provider.  I think he will be fine.  I am constantly surprised at how adaptable he can be if we talk about it with him ahead of time.

Thursday is my last mother’s group event.  So sad to be leaving them…

Friday I have a massage.  Much needed, I think!

Sunday morning we go to our church for the last time.  Sunday afternoon is our walk through.

Monday I start new job, and we close on the house.

The next week for me will be about work, and orientation. Moving people are going to have to pack up what I cannot get packed!

Because the next weekend we move.

I am tired and overwhelmed just thinking about it.

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  1. Kristin
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 00:13:09

    Oy, you are going to be busy! Glad you are able to squeeze in a move. And where are you moving, too. Even though we’ve never met, sorry to see a fellow blogger leave Roanoke.


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