One week.

We have now been in Radford for one week.

I think I still cannot believe that it is not a dream.  Except for the daycare situation.

I have a job I enjoy, with others who enjoy it.  And they are looking forward to getting me off orientation.  I am going to be oriented to the circulator role first because they need that more than anything.  And they are getting a robot!  I am so excited!  And I may not have to take weekday call because I will be working 12 hour shifts.  I will take that!

I just have to survive orientation.  I am on 8 hour shifts now, and it is driving us all a little crazy.  I hope to talk to my supervisor and get on 10 hour shifts soon.  Fingers crossed.  Hopefully I can be off orientation by sometime in November.  It all depends on how quickly they can get me through all the services.  Though I am hoping to be on gyno team, and I suspect they are excited too .  So excited to get back into doing hysterectomies, oopherectemies, hysteroscopies, and everything in between.  But I need to know everything because anything can come in after hours.

I have also not been able to work out for a couple of weeks now.  Very frustrating, because now is the time when I need it most.  Hopefully I can fit something in this week.  I have hopes, anyway.  Of course, just when I figure it out, things will change.  Oh, and Hubby needs to join a gym, too.   Both of us miss exercising.

Dogs and child love the new yard.  It will be much better when it is fenced in later this week.  Then dogs will be able to be let out by themselves.  Right now they have to be taken out to a dog run.  Not so much fun in the middle of the night.  With a fence things should be better.

I went back to my old church this Sunday.  People remembered me!  I felt so loved.  It was nice to be welcomed back so warmly!  And Little Guy enjoyed himself in the nursery.  He wanted to go back in the afternoon.  It was pretty cute.

Oh, the day care situation!  We finally made found someone we felt comfortable with, and Alton liked.  This past week has worked out well.  And then our day care provider informs us she is going back to school and is unable to keep her day care open.  Damn it.  Now we have to find someone else.  Just when I wanted to start to get comfortable now we have to deal with this stressor.  Apparently the hospital I work at has a great day care, so I may look into that.  Hopefully they can take him.  It is not Honey.tree, so it may just be all right.  Several people have mentioned to Hubby and I that it is a good day care.  People just do not do home-based day care here.  I am rather disappointed.
So, job is good, house and yard are good.  Need more exercise, a schedule change, and new care.  Hopefully it will all come together soon.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blanche
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 01:33:44

    Yay! So glad it is all going so well thus far (well, except for the daycare thing, and really, that seems so much easier to fix than hating your job/new house/etc.)!


    • vablondie
      Jul 30, 2012 @ 01:41:10

      Thanks so much! It is great that the big stuff has worked out. Though day care switches are agonizing for me. I do not think that Little Guy or Hubby stress about them as much. I hope that the hospital day care will be able to take him, and will be a good choice. It would be an easy solution. Though I would probably have less time to work out, but I would hopefully find a way…


  2. Kristin
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 16:03:50

    Glad everything is going so smoothly. And who knows, maybe it will work out perfectly to have the little guy in a place right by where you work. We’ll miss you in Roanoke! I grew up in Christiansburg so just a stones throw from Radford.


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