I can feel it….

Big Blue is back.  All because of stress.

Things are going well.  I know this.  Orientation at work is going well. The feedback I have been getting from the people I work with has been mostly good.  I am on 10 hour days now so that I get a day off during the week.  Hubby and I finally joined a gym, and I plan on running on the treadmill to day while Little Guy naps.  (Just as soon as I finish this post.)

The church I returned to has received me with open arms.  I even found a pediatrician among the church members.  (How awesome!)

Child care is still an issue.  Hubby is planning on going by Monday morning to look at a new place, and hopefully sign Little Guy up.  (Fingers crossed.)   I suspect all is not well with our current day care provider, as Little Guy has been talking about “time out” a lot lately.  He did not learn that from us, which makes me think that he learned it at day care.  I am not sure if he is the one going to time out or if it is other children.  Hopefully we only have one more week there, and then he will go to a new place.  This whole thing is stressing me out!  And I am not even going to be the one dealing with it most of the time!

I also need to find a counselor.  I need to email my friend who is very active in the mental health community to get a recommendation.  (He is also a church member, he is actually our associate pastor.)  I m still taking my antidepressant.  Not to worry.  I just need to get the care I should have to go along with it.

Things are still settling into place.  I am trying to have faith.  Deep down I think the move was a good one.  Now we need to make our life here.  So far, we seem to be off to a good start.

Now off to play on the treadmill….


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