idle thoughts

Waiting for child to get back from short visit with grandma.  These are a few of the thoughts running through my head lately…

  • Really looking forward to getting off of general surgery rotation in my orientation.  The preceptor I am with is nice, but I think she comes across as a little too sweet and innocent for me.  Not sure why that annoys me, but it does.  I think it may be because there are times when we do not communicate very well.  I hate that.  I am not sure whether I am not clear enough. (Probably.) Or if she is not listening as well as she could be.  (I suspect that may be part of it, too.)  I am trying to get better, though.  Still, I am heartily sick of general rotation and this particular preceptor.  Not sure I will like vascular much better, though the surgeon is not too awful.  Gyn should be coming up soon, though…
  • Started working out finally!  Unfortunately, child foiled my plans this morning by getting up at 5:30 am.  Sigh.  I will keep trying, though.  Then my mom backed out of watching Little Guy this morning because she felt too bad.  Fortunately, the gym was available, so I went to a pilates class and then ran on the track.  I think the running helped loosen things up after the workout.  I definitely do not feel as sore this time.
  • I probably ought to go back to tracking food again.  Especially if I want to lose weight.  I also feel better if I do.  Sigh.
  • Loving the house and the yard here.  It is great for everyone!
  • Child seems to be enjoying the new day care.  We call it his “school.”  Not sure how much learning goes on, but he seems to be enjoying it.
  • Then I get a call from the day care at work, and they now have an opening.  Nice.  I really do not want to move my child again.  Two day care moves in a month seems enough.  Very disappointing because they are a good day care, and more convenient than our current day care.  Hate stuff like that.
  • Child is now outgrowing toddler sizes.  I now have to shop in the boy’s clothing section for him.  When did he get so large?  I suspect we will be thinking about a new bed for him.  Did you know that our convertible crib has a weight limit of 50 pounds?  My child is closing in on that weight!
  • It is so nice having the income from a full time job!  I can pay for things, and pay down on my credit card.  It is great!

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