Ketchup post

Because that is about all I have time for these days.  I am feel like I am basically keeping my head above water.  But I am doing it.  Amazingly…

Orientation at work is still going well.  Feedback that I have gotten is good, and I take it as a sign of confidence that the people I orient with are willing to leave the room and let me try it on my own.  I get the feeling they are bored.  It is really hard to sit on your hands and let someone else do it.  But I am trying to be more laid back about the whole thing.  Things will come, and I will likely stumble when I get off orientation, as everyone does.  I will not have that extra set of hands helping me all the time.  But at least I am finally off general orientation, and on to gyn.

Miss our house cleaner this week.  We just do not have the time or energy to clean up.  We have been doing the best we can, but really, the house is a disaster area.  Sigh.  She comes back on Thursday.  Cannot happen soon enough!

I have been seeing a counselor, and she does a lot with food and nutrition, along with the mental health component.  I think that could be good for me, as I need to lose weight anyway before I can go back and try for #2.  It would generally be good to get in the best physical and mental shape before heading back in the craziness of the Land of IF.

My counselor recommended green smoothies.  Do a google search, and you will find all sorts of variations.  I did not really follow a recipe.  I added a lot of greens (spinach), some almond milk, bananas, and peaches.  I put them in freezer jars and put them in the freezer, to keep until later in the week.  We will see how it goes…  Believe it or not, they are actually pretty good.  They taste like a fruit smoothie.  It is just very green.  Once you get past the color, it is just like drinking a fruit smoothie.  You can read about all the benefits of green smoothies…supposedly it is like a miracle food.  I am not sure about all the claims, but I figure it is a fairly painless way to get the green leafy vegetables I should be eating.  It is not going to hurt.

I also am trying to record my food again.  Really.  I made a commitment with my counselor to record food for 5 days a week.  So I am making an effort to keep to that.

I also am trying to get better about waking up early to run.  I got up early this morning, and ran.  I think I am going to try to get up early before work at least once this week, too.  It does seem to get easier every time.  And I do feel better during the day.

I plan on going to a local mom’s group next Sunday.  They meet in the evening, and most of them work full time.  So it sounds about right for where I am right now.

I am probably also going to try to get to the local centering prayer group.  I think that will feed my soul the best.  Even if I am unable to actually practice centering prayer between meetings.  I may not actually get the chance to attend for a couple of weeks, but I really want to try to get there.  I miss the silence.

I may also go to Sunday school.  I feel like I should do something with the church to get to know the people better.  Though my attendance may be intermittent.  At least it is something.

If you have not figured it out, I am really pretty happy that August is behind us.  I feel like I can move forward again.


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