Letting Go

It was bound to happen.

My mother wants to take Little Guy to see my Grandmother.  it is a 4 hour car trip.  They are staying one day and coming home the next day.  They leave Sunday and come back Tuesday.

I am not going because I have to work.  It will also be nice not to have to keep up with him and his needs.  (Toddlers are very needy!

This is the first time he has been away from home over night.  And a full night without mommy.  (Well, two full nights without mommy.)

I now have no problems leaving him during the day.  I know that he does fine during the day, and I know that I am coming back to him.  I am a little more leery about nights.  He is at that age where he can get scared of the dark.  When he is scared, he likes mommy.  I know Grandma is good, but I just know that he will cry for mommy and it will break my heart.

I am nervous for him, and not sure how I feel about the entire situation.  It is a short trip.  My sister and my aunt will be there to help run after him.  My dad is helping to drive up to NoVa.  He might do all right.  I could use the break.

But I will miss him.  I have not been away from him overnight since he was born.  I can imagine all sorts of situations where I will not be there to help him.  He will need me and I will not be there.  All I can do is hope that Grandma and family will be able to comfort him.

It does not help that the trip is sort of last minute, and I cannot reach my parents to talk about details about the trip.  I decided today to let him go on the trip, and my mother gave me a few details, but I really need more.  It would have been nice to try an over night in town first, but that is not possible now.


Hopefully I can catch up with my parents tomorrow.  Maybe it is not all bad that I am working while he is gone.  (Would have preferred to have a day off while he is gone, but I guess I will take what I can get.)

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