Where am I?

I am at pan.era, getting jacked up with caffeine and carbs.
And posting from my phone.
Just finished a pumpkin pie bagel, which was excellent.
Grateful I did not get the cheesecake cream cheese, because that would have been too sweet.
Trying to figure out if I really should have run this morning.  It felt so good to lie in bed, but it also feels good to run.  Quite the dilemma.
Taking a me-day and realizing how tired I am.  I looked in the mirror this morning, and I look run down.
Wishing my husband would take Little Guy on an outing this weekend so that I can have the house to myself.  For once.
Killing time before my Optomertist appointment
Looking forward to my massage this afternoon.
thinking that I am going to have a late lunch today.
Realizing that I am not going to run today, and will probably need to get up early tomorrow to run.
Frustrated with myself because I cannot motivate myself to eat right.  Really need to get back in the habit of recording my food.
Glad that Little Guy’s trip was a success.  It may lead to more things like that in the future. 
Looking forward to date night, despite the fact there is a big college football game this weekend.

Really nothing profound in there.  Must be too tired.

Off to wander around a big box store before my appointment.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rose's Daughter
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 18:20:42

    I love my days off, but I always have a to do list a mile long, and I never get it all done! And it just feels so good to just sit there and gorge on carbs when I should be running. Sigh.


  2. Rose's Daughter
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 18:21:48

    I always have a mile long to do list in my days off, but all I really want to do us lay around and gorge on carbs. Seriously


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