Because I have a moment to breathe.  Hubby is off picking up child from day care, so I have a few moments to sit down and catch my breath before our little Tazmanian devil gets home.  And the house is clean, thanks to our awesome housekeeper, so I have no chores to do!

Work is going well, though I suspect my co-workers are not taking my rather extended orientation very seriously.  (Because I already know what I am doing.)  My preceptor and I usually relieve each other for lunch, and often they will leave the room for periods of time.  I am trying to milk it for all it is worth, though.  This is the only time I get to be clueless and a little slow.

Diet is going.  I am trying to do better recording my food, and watch my portions.  Now that I decided to give up on running in the mornings, I need to actually start running at night.  I have the time.  I just need to do it.

It has been nice getting what sleep I can. Child is up before 6 AM every damn day.  It is painful on the weekends and the days I do not work.  Though at least we are sleeping through the night again.  That is something…I just dream for a day I can sleep past 6 AM.  It does happen someday, right?

Child still loves school.  I have not pushed potty training, and we even switched back to diapers while he is on the antibiotics for an ear infection.  (I was not willing to deal with the poopiness which usually comes with antibiotics.)  I suspect he is thinking about potty training, though.  He has been willing to sit on the potty for longer periods of time now, because he really wants to poop in the potty.  No luck there, though he will pee in the potty.  We are partway there, I think.  We may try another run with underwear this weekend and see how it goes.

Not much going on, as I am working long hours, and still dealing with the same stuff.


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