Finally get a chance to blog about thankfulness

Only took me til Sunday.  Better late than never.

Thanksgiving was a fatigue and carb-induced haze.  Child woke up at 5:30 AM and then did not nap.  Yeah, fun times.  My mom cooked the Thanksgiving meal, though we brought yeast rolls and oyster dressing.  I also made the gravy while I was there.  Child did not eat any of it, except for a few bites of homemade cranberry sauce.  Overall it was a low key Thanksgiving, which is about right for where we are.

I had some interesting thoughts on Thanksgiving.  I realized that I am grateful that we have a family.  I am so grateful we have our son.  Despite the fact that I was tired and buzzed out on carbs, I still had that realization.  I am grateful for the fact I am a mother at all, because we were very close to not being parents at all.  I could have missed the good things.  Like when my child says, “I love you.”  Or when he cuddles with you.  (Though that never lasts very long with Little Guy.)  Lately he has been offering us toys and wanting to play with us.  He loves to build things, and it is so fun to build towers and railroad tracks.  I would miss his joy when he gets to climb up on a tractor.  And so many other little things.

Now I feel all sappy and stuff.  But it is a pretty sappy feeling.

I finally talked to my counselor about how long it took me to get in to see her.  She understood, and apologized for how difficult it was it get an appointment.  She said if that every happened again, I should call her voice mail and let her know.  The scheduling people do not know all the times she has available.  I was good with that.  Hopefully seeing her more regularly will help get me off the antidepresant and lose some weight.  She already has me recording my food.  Reporting back to her will give me some accountability.  Fingers crossed that this works this time.

My relaxing weekend was interrupted by call on Saturday.  I had to go in and do a full day of cases.  (Only four, two of which should not have taken that long.  All I have to say is never go to a vascular surgeon for a lap chole.  Just saying…)  The bright side was that they all got done during the day and I did not get called in that night.  Hooray for sleep!


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