We are preparing to leave our visit to MIL and family.  I think we have figured out why it annoys is so much.  Two reasons….

1)  There is a lot they will not do, so they miss a lot of opportunities to interact with child.  This is very disappointing for us.  MIL does not drive after dark.  MIL says she cannot get in and out of our minivan, so she has to drive her car wherever we go.  MIL is not interested in wandering the local battlefield with child, because she does not walk very well.  MIL comes in and plops herself down somewhere and will not move until she is ready to leave.  We have never shared any meals with the family.  (Which would be an excellent opportunity to interact with child at a table!)  MIL is not able to watch child by herself because she cannot keep up with him.  All of this limits how much time the family spends with child.  And puts the pressure on us to keep up with him!

2)  This makes for a trip which is a lot of trouble for very little payoff.  We spend a lot of energy and time to get out here and visit with MIL and family.  Then when we get here, MIL and family will not do much with child, and the only place we visit the rest of the family is in the family home (Or trailer, as the case may be).  Child maybe spends 6 hours over the two days visiting with MIL and family.  That is not a lot of time, especially considering the time and effort we spent just getting out here.

What makes this even more grating is that they have not made any sort of effort to get out to see us.  If they really wanted to see him more often, they would make more of an effort to get out to see us.  She has given it a lot of lip service, but I have not seen any action.  Child is almost three years old.  In all that time, MIL’s family has not come out to see us even once.

I will admit that this trip was easier.  This trip, he made it almost all the way to the house without any complaints.  It makes me think we could actually travel with him occasionally.  Maybe I could take a trip to see my family in NoVa at some point….At least with my family, my mother and father will come with me, and help with child wrangling!


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