A day in the life…

This post is inspired by Dresden of Creating Motherhood.  She did a post about her typical day, which I thought was really neat.  I have never really thought to write down how my day goes.  I thought it would be neat to lay it out and see where my time goes.

Our weekend schedule is different from our weekday schedule.  Our weekend schedule is much less structured.  (Obviously!)

On the days I work, Hubby and I are up at 5 AM.  I generally roll out of bed into the bath.  I could probably change my bath to the evening.  But I need that bath in the morning to start waking up.  By 5:20-ish  I eat breakfast and get some coffee in me.

Little guy usually wakes between 5:30 and 6 AM.  I actually like this on the days I work because this means I get to see him in the mornings.  After breakfast, I will surf the interwebs until child gets up.  After Little Guy is up, it is all play time.

I aim to get ready for work around 6:15.  I try to be out the door by 6:30 AM.  I generally have to be at work around 6:45 AM.  I am glad I live fairly close.  In reality, getting ready usually starts around 6:20 AM, and I am out the door around 6:35.  This puts me at work late every day. ( No bosses at work have said anything to me, so I am not going to worry about it.  Yet.)

Hubby gets to spend some time with Little Guy before taking child to “school.”

For those that are curious about my work, I am an operating room nurse.  Right now I work 10 hour shifts (7 AM- 5 PM) four days a week.  It is fairly nice because I get one day off to take care of appointments and spend more time with Little Guy.

After work depends on several factors…

  • if I am lucky enough to get off early enough (and the weather is not too bad), I will go for a run, pick up child and start dinner.  (Not necessarily in that order.)
  • If hubby has late court/appointments, I will pick up child from school
  • If everyone gets off on time, I will go home and fix dinner.  Hubby picks up child from school, and we all have dinner together
  • If I am on call, I may have to stay at work until everything is done.  (This is my least favorite.)

If everyone is home for dinner, we generally have dinner together.  We let child watch a show on Hubby’s ipad at the dinner table.  That is the only way we can get child to sit with us and not pester us to go play, or insist on bringing huge toys to the table.  This also allows Hubby and I to have a conversation during the meal.

After dinner is bath time.  Child loves his bath.  Except for the hair washing.  He has lots of bath toys, and I am not above letting him “paint” the walls with shaving cream.  I just try to make sure it is the cheap stuff.

After bath time, we usually play some more, or watch TV and cuddle.  But it is usually play time until around 7:30 PM.  Then we give milk and try to get him to watch something on netflicks.  Lately it has been Curious George,  Futurama, Shawn the Sheep, or Mighty Machines,

Bedtime is around 8PM.  Bedtime involves stories, running through our “goodnight list”, and a few rounds of “twinkle twinkle little star.”  Our good night list is a list of all the people and things we want to say goodnight to.

After child is asleep, I finally get a few minutes to catch my breath, and get a chore or two done.  But not much, because I like to have a few minutes to drink a glass of wine before bed.  It is not much, but I enjoy it at the end of the day.

I try to get in bed by 10 PM, because I usually need to be up by 5 AM (if working), or 6 AM (when our early riser wakes on the weekend.)


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