Paring down

I think, in order to get done what I need to in a day, I am going to have to let go of some electronic playtime. 

I need time to care for me and care for home and family, and the time I spend on the computer is taking me away from that. 

I need to let go of most of the blogs I am reading.  I may be brutal in my reader.  There are one or two folders which may completely get deleted.  I

need to let go of posting more than once a week.

I may even take my food journaling off line.  I may write in my paper journal more often instead of writing a blog post.

I need to get back to focusing on real life stuff.  This should give me the space I need to lose weight.

I am trying to keep in mind the end goal, which is a sibling for little guy.  Weight loss first, and then back on the rollercoaster.

My therapist had the idea of doing a motivational collage.  She thought it would be a neat idea to include baby stuff.  That is not so great after infertility, though.  So now I need to find motivational things that I can post around the house, or on the fridge. 

What would you put up to motivate you?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. andrea
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 03:50:49

    I have found myself doing this out of survival mode and necessity! i haven’t actually taken anything out of my reader, but I comment a lot less and I actually skip a lot of blogs these days…. ah well.

    as far as what motivates me? I would put up a goal picture of what I hope to achieve through weight loss (how many inches I want to lose, a race i want to run, something like that) and maybe pictures of yummy, healthy snacks! a picture of a pedicure or massage would help too 🙂


    • vablondie
      Jan 31, 2013 @ 10:48:30

      So nice to know that I am not the only one! I just got really tired of seeing my reader so full, and never being able to get it clear. I and I was skipping a lot of blogs, and spending all my time reading when I really needed to take care of myself and my family.

      I do have goals I need to aim for, and maybe I could put that up to motivate me, or go for the sibling angle. I would really like to give Little Guy a sister or brother.


  2. Rose's Daughter
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 00:40:14

    I had to par down a bit too. I comment a lot less. Maybe once or twice a week, I go in my reader and read what’s there for that day. Sometimes I comment, sometimes not. I don’t tweet as much and most of my posts are photos. A LOT easier on myself. Do what you’ve got to do Real life is so much better


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