Progress is slow, though there is sign of movement.

Finally seeing a drop in the number on the scale.  I liked that a lot.  I know there is still a long way to go, but it is something.  Continuing work with nutritional coach.  I see her this week.

Counseling is still on the table too.  I have an appointment on Thursday as well.  With a two hour gap in between the appointments.  Rather frustrating, but I may take the opportunity to go swimming.  That should feel good.

Swim lessons with child are a blast.  He loves the water a lot.  I am so glad we are doing that!  Unfortunately, it also makes me realize how much I miss swimming for myself.

Visited a Montessori school this week.  I really want to send Little Guy to montessori, but for some reason, I was uncomfortable with it after I left.

It is a great school, with fantastic learning opportunities.  (Music class and German!)  I like the teaching style and think Little Guy could do really well.  The school will take him all the way to 6th grade.  It is exactly what we are looking for. Small classes, dedicated teachers and staff.

I think I felt uncomfortable because it is an actual school.  They only are open 9 months out of the year.  It felt like not long ago he was a baby and I was sending him to day care.  Now he is heading toward pre-school!  Where did the time go?  I am not sure I know what to do with a school-aged child.  I am not sure I am ready for this!

At the moment, nothing changes.  I still have to get through the application process, and then see if they have room for my child at the fall.  Also, he would start at the beginning of the school year, in August./September.  He is doing really well in his current.

Not sure why sending him to school makes me feel sad.  Maybe it is because he is growing up.  He is moving out of toddlerhood, and starting school is a big milestone.

Hubby and I took time off this week.  It was good for both of us.  We sent child to school, as usual, and it was nice to have the break to relax a bit.  I know I am going to take a hit on my paycheck, but it was still nice to have the break.  It has been a while.

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  1. nicklemary
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 19:09:18

    Glad you’re seeing the scale move, that’s the best feeling. Even with the non-scale victories, I need to see the numbers move to feel like I’m making progress.


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