Easter today

Sorry about the radio silence.  But I guess y’all are used to that by now.  Child and hubby spilled coffee on my computer, so I am without until insurance pays up.  (best thing we ever did was add electronics to our homeowners insurance!)  I am doing this from my phone.  Not optimal, but better than from my nook.

Easter was low key.  Morning at church with breakfast, singing with choir and the church service.  Came home and finally got child down for a nap.
Small easter egg hunt inside after nap, since it was rather wet.  He loved finding eggs!  Then had my parents over for easter dinner.  Pork roast from the slow cooker and homemade yeast rolls.  A nice Easter, really.

Period is a little on the late side.  Well, a week late, really.  I have faith that.AF will show this week, though.  That bitch always shows up.  Not sure why the delay this cycle.  I was so sure that she was waiting for easter.  Having my period on a day of celebrating fertility just reinforces the fact that I cannot conceive.  And makes me feel like crap.  Totally seemed like something she would do.

I really hate it when my period is late.  Because it gives me a chance to dream.  Dream about what it would be like if I really was pregnant.  I find myself having to nip those thoughts in the bud.  I have to tell myself that
AF will be sure to show up this week.  All the signs are there.  Crampiness,irritability, bloated, fatigue. 

Things will be better once my period starts.  Just getting there is the hard part.

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  1. Queenie
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 01:21:06

    How has the slow cooker turned out? Mine is in storage, and I really miss it. It was nice to be able to dump things in it in the morning and have dinner ready to go when I got home.

    Have you found the Weelicious website yet? I sometimes use it to make family meals, and get my 3 year old involved (to a point) with prep. That helps keep her busy. Or, I let her watch a movie. Hey, whatever works!!!

    Hope you are having a good weekend.


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