oh much better!

Today felt better.  Things seem to be looking up.

I made the decision to switch specialties.  I will now be doing general surgery and urology.  Since we do robotic gall bladders, I still get to play with the robot.  Just not as much, and with a really nice surgeon. (He actually asked where I was when I was not in his robot case last week; apparently I am part of his robot team.)  In fact I was in there yesterday and today, and it went well.

Urology is a new one for me, but I kept ending up in there, so I decided to roll with it.  The team is excellent, and for some reason I have always enjoyed urologists.  Not sure why…They just seem rather entertaining to me.  Felt like a good move.  And maybe someday we will get a robotically trained urologist and we can do prostates.  Could happen.

Period started a couple days ago, so that feels better already. Though I have the usual cramping and bloating and general yuckiness which comes with it.  But everything seems better after my period starts.  The week before my period, I tend to feel pretty worthless.  it is not fun.

I think I am finally a true runner…I hit the wall on my 12 mile run last weekend.  I have not ever done that before.  It felt like crap, and not a nice end to a crap-tastic week.  I got through that, though and I am doing 10 miles on Saturday before my taper week before the half marathon.  I cannot believe how quickly it is coming up!  It is only one week away!

I am trying to write some every night.  Not all of it gets published, and sometimes it is just an outlet.  But it gives me somewhere to do it. Maybe I can get back in the groove and get back into it.  I seem to miss tending to my blog.


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