My Thanksgiving was a Series of Unfortunate Events

And not the funny kind, either.

Thanksgiving was with MIL’s family on the other side of the state.  This is the family which has not made one move to come and see us over here.  And when we go there, we always end up visiting them in their homes in the middle of nowhere.  We never go out with them to experience anything local.  It is rather disappointing because they miss so much of who Child is.  So I am generally not happy about going out there.

I was grateful to get the day before Thanksgiving off, so we could travel.  The trip was actually fairly uneventful, though a pain in the ass.  We took a 2nd car out there, because MIL’s car died and FIL gave her a new one.  We were responsible for transporting the car to MIL’s house.  So I had to make most of the trip with child while driving.  That is rather difficult because he still needs entertaining.  I was exhausted by the time we finally got to the hotel.

We stayed in one hotel room.  Child did not get to sleep until almost 9 pm that night.  And then was up a little before 5 AM the next morning.  Remember we are all in the same room, so if one person is up, everyone else is awake.  Child is not exactly quiet.  He actually woke up at 5 AM the next morning too.  Neither one of us were happy about that.  Making me more miserable is the fact that I had been up around 5 AM every day for the last week and a half.  It was getting painful.

I was glad I ran the turkey day 5 K.  It was very very cold, and by the time the race started,  I could barely feel my feet.  It took me until well into the 2nd mile to warm up.  Finally.  That was something I did for me, and it was awesome to be part of a large run like that!  Made me a little sad to see all the families and groups participating.  I think I was an odd one out, as I was running it by myself.  My in-laws all thought I was nuts.  It was either that or go crazy.  I am still really glad I had that for myself, though.

After a quick bath, we headed off to MIL’s house.  Child had a good visit with MIL and family.  I was a little disappointed that they had the Thanksgiving meal at 1:30, after child ate lunch.  Because it was so late, and Child had already eaten, he did not actually eat any of the thanksgiving dinner.  (Which was rather bland, I thought.  Not at all how I would have done it.  I missed having my food for Thanksgiving.)  Sigh.  It was a lot of effort for not much reward.

Friday we visited Williamsburg before leaving town.  It was Child’s first time at Williamsburg, and it was cold.  But I think he had a good time.  We went on a ride on a stagecoach through Williamsburg, and I think that is all he really wanted to do.  He also had a great time talking with all of the people there.  Of course none of the in-laws came out to join us.  Not surprised really.  The trip home was fairly uneventful, and easier because all of us were in the same car.  We were home by dinnertime.

Back at home, we thought the pet sitter was there and watching over the pets…but apparently she was not.  Our house cleaner texted us on Friday saying that the dogs had wrecked the house and been to the bathroom everywhere.  I felt terrible for our dogs.  The petsitter we hired did not even stay at the house like we asked her to.  I suspect we are not going to do another pet sitter.  We cannot seem to find anyone just right.  We may try boarding the dogs somewhere.  Or boarding our senior citizen and taking the other two with us.  We have a while before we need to figure it out.  but obviously, pet sitters are not working for us.  Bummer.  Fortunately our house cleaner cleaned up the house and we came home to a clean house.  But that was one more miserable thing about the trip.

Now we are happy to be home with our animals.  We are going to have a Thanksgiving do-over with my parents.  They have a lot of leftover Thanksgiving food, and their Thanksgiving was not so great, either.  So we are all going to try again.  We are thankful we are all back home and together again.

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