A little holiday venting

Should be good for the soul, somehow, right?

We visited with FIL and step-MIL last Friday.  A little background on our relationship (or rather lack of relationship).  Step-MIL is very wrapped up in her grandchildren in another part of the state, which does not leave any time for our child and our family.  Despite the fact they manage nursing homes for years, they still have no understanding as to what I do as an operating room nurse, or even the demands on the nursing profession.  They do not understand how we work as a family, and what we need for a visit to be successful for all parties.  And they do not really seem interested in knowing about us.  They are very centered on themselves and their needs.

They have helped us out a lot financially, with things like IVF, buying a building for Hubby, letting us use a beach house for vacation, getting us wood floors (or at least hard floors which are not carpet).  So we really need to at least put in a little face time with them.  I get that.  I appreciate all that they have done for us.  They do help us out financially.

This past Friday was our yearly Christmas visit with them.  (We only visit around the holidays and Child’s birthday.)  I was not in the best of moods, as I had a long day (did I mention I work 10 hour shifts as an operating room nurse?), and then had to drive 45 minutes to get to their house.   Oh, and they did not feed us.  All I wanted was a glass of wine and my couch.  Instead I had to try to be sociable with people who do not really care about getting to know me or my family.  (That much was obvious by the way they scheduled this damn visit to suit them.)

I would prefer to be out of the loop completely, unfortunately that is not possible yet.  I think eventually, hubby and Child could go by themselves and I can stay home.  But that is not possible yet.  Child is too young, and they still expect me to be there, damn it.  So I am going to have to suffer through this again for his birthday next month.  Sigh.  Maybe I will get lucky and they will be too busy for a visit…

Oh, and in their yearly letter, I did not get a mention at all.  At least that is better than getting my information incorrect (which is what usually happens.)  That is something, right?

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