Good News, Bad News

I had my RE appointment yesterday…

Good news is…Thanks to birth control pills I can start whenever I want.

I decided on Good Friday as a Transfer day.  (April 18.)  Seemed like a good idea.  A time full of hope and new life.

It took me about 3.5 hours just to get to the RE’s office, so I pretty much spent my day in the car.  Not so fun.

Bad news…So between now and the beginning of April, I need to lose 20 pounds.  I think it is more likely a miracle will occur.  I will do the best I can, but the scale will not budge.  Maybe I should give up breakfast for lent, and do meal replacements instead.  I am just at a loss as to what to do to lose weight.  Does not seem to matter what I do the numbers will not move.  Anyone have any experience with them?

Details we agreed on…thawing 4 day 1 blasts, and if those do not work, one day 5 embryo.  We are only transferring one at a time, so it is likely I will have to do this more than once.

At least we have a plan now.

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