Feeling really blah.  I forgot how much BCP can make me feel washed out.  I even went for a run (well, run/walk technically), and that did not help much because I felt like crap.

Also, for Lent I decided to give up eating breakfast.  I am drinking it instead.  I made my own green smoothies using kale, yogurt, blueberries, walnuts, almond milk and honey.  They do not actually look green because the blueberries make everything purple.  This will probably be difficult because I really like eating breakfast.  I think I am also going to try to watch my portion sizes.  I made a smaller salad for my lunch today.  Kale has a surprising number of calories, so I should probably eat a smaller salad.  I think between the smoothie in the morning, salad at lunch (which can be like a smoothie), hopefully that will help.  What I eat is generally healthy, but I think I eat too much of it.  I probably ought to aim for being a little hungry, which is hard to do all the time.

I also decided to try weighing myself every evening.  That way I get the worst news, and a more realistic idea of my weight.  I am trying not to stress about it, but the RE still wants me to lose weight.  Sigh.

So currently washed out from BCP, waiting to start my cycle and hoping I can lose a little weight.


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