Here we go…

Applied the first estrogen patch this morning.  Not too bad.  Feels rather normal-ish.  Definitely not as bad as the follistim for the stimulation cycle.

The patch lasted through my swim this morning, so I am now not afraid of it falling off.  Those things stick on tight.  Good thing, for me.

Feeling a little nervous about starting this, and I am already trying to gear myself up for a negative result.  Which would be all right.  Especially if I got that other job (occupational health nursing) and decided to actually take it.  I seem to have a lot of potential changes happening right now.

The main thing is to go one day at a time.  Tomorrow is Saturday…I have to spend a couple hours at a thing for work, spend time with Hubby (if you know what I mean), and date night tomorrow.  The nice thing is that I thought I was on call this weekend, but I am not.  So I can actually go to church this weekend.  And maybe re-do my pink hair.  (It is almost gone.)  And go for a run.  I gotta start doing that again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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