Today I start PIO injections.  You know, the big IM ones.  I am a bit nervous about it, and I know that I will be on them for several weeks.  Hopefully Hubby will watch the video I sent him and get the location right.  I fully expect bruising to occur.

I am still on 4 low dose estrogen patches.  I think I am almost getting used to it.  The estrogen is definitely not as hard on you as the follistim was.  No hot flashes this time around, at least.  Just a little ditzy and irritable and wiped out.

I am off next week for child’s spring break.  He gets a lot of mommy time, and I get a break from work.  I think we need to dye easter eggs.  I have a few appointments, and managed to find child care for those.  I am hoping to get an appointment for a massage Wednesday Morning.  My parents are taking child up to NoVa to visit my grandmother.  They will bring him back Saturday night.

Child is fascinated by the idea of a baby.  Fortunately he loves babies, but I am not sure how he will feel about having one living with him.  He has already started suggesting names for the baby.  We keep telling him that we do not have a baby yet.  That does not seem to deter his excitement, though.

So PIO injections start tonight in preparation for transfer next Friday!

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