Today I start taking the most meds at any point in the cycle.  I have the estrogen patches, progesterone injections, and medrol twice a day.  All of this is leading up to transfer on Friday.

I also seem to have the munchies continuously.  Thanks, progesterone.  I suspect the medrol will not help that much.

I started 2 mls of PIO last night.  One ml was not so bad.  I can definitely feel the two ml, though.  My hip is a little sore.  Not too bad, though.  Hubby has been doing a great job with them.  I may try warming the PIO a little to make it easier to go in.  That should help.

Child has been off for Spring break this week, and apparently he decided that he is taking a break from naps.  So he has had busy mornings and afternoons, with not really any rest.  Not fun for mommy.  I have started a rest time, where he has to play in his room for an hour by himself.  That way I can at least lie down for a little bit.  It is exhausting keeping up with him.  Child is going all the time, and he just refuses to slow down.

At least my parents are taking him off for a trip tomorrow.  And I get the morning off, as we are trying a new child care provider.  Hopefully the day will go well.  It will be nice to have a little time to myself.



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